Arabic Calligrapher

Arabic Calligrapher 3.0

Creates graphically designed calligraphy and artwork
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Use 2D graphic design tools to create authentic Islamic calligraphy and artwork. Features include Basic Objects, Abstract Objects, Hierarchy, Navigation, Transformations and Write Tool. Fonts for objects included in the program include various interchangeable shapes with options for personalization.

Though not very popular throughout the Western world, the Arabic calligraphy is an authentic art with a very long history. The Arabic calligraphy is capable of producing truly unique and undeniably impressive works of art, and now, thanks to a powerful application called Arabic Calligrapher, anyone can obtain these incredible results by taking advantage of modern computers handiness.

Arabic Calligrapher allows creating the Arabic calligraphy and other related designs in a comprehensive manner, providing users with options for customizing every little detail of the artworks and with access to a large variety of handy tools and features. The fact that the program is really comprehensive and feature-rich is one of its main advantages. It also makes the price completely reasonable, though at first it may have seemed a bit high.

For example, Arabic Calligrapher offers a unique and interesting tool called “Kassaba”, which allows drawing calligraphic lines directly, without requiring complex vector manipulation. This handy tool basically makes the usage of ubiquitous pens and brushes unnecessary. By using Kassaba and adding regions, points plus adjusting aspects like envelope width and angles, you can manipulate and change the fields in the way you like, while also benefiting of complete control and impressive accuracy. Other in-build utilities that let you create geometrical shapes with ease are available as well. Moreover, characters and objects can be manipulated in an easier and more effective way by using the handy hierarchy feature offered by the app. Last but not least, color manipulation using a neat and effective “color picking” tool is also included.

Though primarily meant for experienced users that need a powerful solution to help them with their calligraphy and visual art creation needs, Arabic Calligrapher is also suitable for beginners and users that are interested in learning this art and other related skills, without currently having any insight about it. The interface of this amazing program is neat, well-structured, intuitive and self-explanatory, allowing anyone to handle the application without any problem. Furthermore, a comprehensive help file is available and it even includes some effective tutorials and relevant screenshots. I should also mention handy predefined libraries of fonts and shapes included.

Advanced printing and exporting capabilities are at hand, introducing the possibility to export the artworks straight to other popular applications such as 3D Studio Max. It's a good thing for further processing and distribution.

Before drawing the conclusion, I would also like to say that the latest version, 3.0, also brings noticeable improvements and new capabilities, for example, the possibility to add and manipulate the transparency for any object or the redesigned Undo/Redo system.

To sum it all up, Arabic Calligrapher is a perfect choice for anyone in need of creating Islamic artworks and other designs that use Arabic calligraphy. It's a highly-efficient tool that offers a lot of handy features and leaves no room for criticism.

Margie Smeer
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  • Lets you export your work to other programs, like MS Word and 3DMAX
  • Offers a handy Undo/Redo system
  • You may draw calligraphic lines directly using its ‘Kassaba’ tool
  • Neat and clear interface
  • Includes a "general" library with predefined models
  • Custom made font system that is adapted to the topological rules of Arabic writing
  • Handy color picker


  • The "Zoom" function could been redesigned to enable a more precise zooming in and out manipulation of the entire workfield
  • The "Font Library" failed to display any font during my testing
  • Load" is misspelled as "Laod" in the start window
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